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23 May 2011








Bertie Gilbert

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First video !! is the first video on the channel BertiebertG. It's not mentioned on his channel, you can only see the video when you have the link.[1]


Just an intro


Bertie: Hello everybody. It's me, Bertie, yaah! Ehm... I'm sorry I'm see- ehm, I'm sorry I'm filming with such a rubbish camera, it's my iPhone camera. Ehm, It's because, like, I can't find mem- memory for my (...) HD-camera, blah blah blah, but I promise in the future I will have better quality edited HD videos, but this is basicly just an intro to myself, ehm, and my, my YouTube-channel. For those of you who know me, I'm Bertie, I'm fourteen years of age. This is naturally blond. Ehm, and I am quite skinny. What other interesting facts about me are there? I, I like hoola hoops, I like, and I like chipsticks. I also... I'm a bit of a gamer. Yeah, that's, that's something you didn't know about me. Ehm, some people might be disappointed about that, I mean, I'm, I'm a cool gamer. I'm cool, 'cause, like, I play games, play games, 'cause, 'cause I'm cool. Yeah. Anyway, I'm also into TV shows. I'm, I like Family Guy, I like South Park, all the usual stuff. I quite like, ehm, Misfits, ehm, and I'm sh-, I'm sad to hear that Nathan is'nt gonna be in the last series. Well, the third series. So that's quite sad. Ehm, what else am I into? Well, I'm an actor. Ehm, I've been in a few things. Ehm... now my address and my home number, this is very important. Now my address is... I'm joking. I'm not gonna tell you any of that. But, ehm, yeah, just, so, welcome to my YouTube-channel. Rate, comment, subrscribe, and blah blah blah blah blah. And one final thing, this is for my Twitter fans. Ehm, I'm sorry I haven't been keeping in touch with you lately. And I know, like, it seems quite lazy of me, but I promise, as much as I can, I will keep in touch with you, and I- and YouTube can be another way that I can keep in touch with you. And if you post a comment or a video response, I promise I'll reply. Unless, like, well, unless, like, lotes of comments and stuff come down. But I don't think that's gonna happen. Anyway, look forward to more HD, ehm, videos and stuff and, and edited blah blah blah blah blah, to be coming on. And, yeah, thanks, ehm... Peace!